Why are enzymes necessary for anabolic reactions to occur

By | 25.01.2018

Why is biotechnology now applied to energy technology? J of solar energy are irradiated to the earth’s surface on an annual basis. Such low effective energy concentrations, limit the use of solar energy as a primary energy source, and elevate the costs associated with its accumulation and transmission. Technologies for the why are enzymes necessary for anabolic reactions to occur of low-density energy sources must be developed in order to facilitate the use of solar energy. Solar energy conversions through the use of photosynthetic microorganisms do not incorporate the use of complex systems or large quantities of factory manufactured products, and indeed have relatively minimal investment and resource requirements.

Additionally, these technologies are largely dependent on the use of renewable resources, thereby generating minimal amounts of waste. Recent advances in biotechnology have made possible studies on the utilization of biological processes such as photosynthesis for energy production. 2 Why is biotechnology now applied to energy technology? The use of natural energy involves the control of entropy. Prior to the industrial revolution, wood served as a major energy source. However, the industrial revolution gave rise to the widespread use of both coal and petroleum as energy sources. Since coal and petroleum were often produced at sites far from their consumption points, recuperation of their production costs involved mass production, thus precipitating the formation of an integrated industrial society. This integrated system soon reached its limits, making it necessary to consider discrete social systems that utilize delocalized abundant energy sources.

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