What is the substrate of the enzyme pectinase

By | 24.01.2018

It what is the substrate of the enzyme pectinase useful because pectin is the jelly-like matrix which helps cement plant cells together and in which other cell wall components, such as cellulose fibrils, are embedded. Pectinases have also been used in wine production since the 1960s. Secondly the presence of pectin in finished wine causes a haze or slight cloudiness. Pectinase is used to break this down and so clear the wine. Addition of chelating agents or pretreatment of the plant material with acid enhance the effect of the enzyme.

C and work well at a pH of 3. Pectinase is commonly used in fruit industries to speed up fruit juice extraction. This is done when the enzyme pectinase breaks down the substrate pectin and the juice is extracted. Gives complete information of pectinase enzymes and their structures, classifications, specific activities, literature, drug design, list of industries, etc.

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