What is the function of restriction enzymes quizlet

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Which of the following determines whether or not a wine is considered to be dry? The conventional low-temperature holding procedure used in the pasteurization of milk involves holding the milk at 62. Frequently a critical component in the medium, often the carbon source, is added _____________ so that the microorganisms will not have excess substrate available at any given time. RNA signature sequences can be used to place microorganisms in the correct domain. Microbial species are collections of strains that share many stable properties in common but differ significantly from other strains.

The temperature at which half of the strands of a double-stranded DNA molecule have separated from each other is called the __________ temperature. DNA is useful for determining relatedness at the __________ level. C content percentages in DNA of organisms? C percentages have dissimilar base sequences. C percentages have similar base sequences. Chromosomal gene exchange is not useful in classification studies because prokaryotes do not reproduce sexually. The DNA obtained can depend on the extraction method used. DNA is of little use in identifying unknown microbes. Some of the DNA recovered may be from non-living organisms.

Some of the DNA may be from non-do enzymes speed up metabolic reactions entities such as spores. What percentage of microbes have been cultured in the laboratory? The ectosymbionts of ruminant animals are useful to their hosts in which of the following ways? They convert glucose to organic acids. They produce most of the vitamins needed by the ruminant.