What is a liver enzyme test

By | 27.08.2017

Please forward this error screen to 96. Liver enzymes are an important way to measure the function of your liver, also known as hepatic function. Find out what normal liver enzyme and liver function levels are what is a liver enzyme test what can change your results. Liver Function Tests: What Does It All Mean? These tests are done by drawing blood, typically in a doctor’s office if liver disease is a known problem that requires monitoring, or in the hospital.

These blood tests can be part of a routine annual physical but are not always included. These tests are drawn from a vein and sent to a lab for processing. The liver enzyme test results are typically used together, not individually, to diagnose a liver problem. For example, one number being mildly elevated will not typically trigger a major examination of the liver. CT or MRI scan may be done. For some patients, these lab tests are part of routine monitoring if they are taking a medication known to cause liver problems.

This is because many medications–prescription, over the counter and supplements–are known to cause liver damage, or can cause problems with liver function. Drinking alcohol is also known to cause liver damage, if the amount of alcohol is excessive and the drinking occurs over an extended period of time. For this reason, individuals who drink frequently may have their liver function checked to make sure no harm has been done. For others, the liver may be known to have some problems that require routine monitoring to make sure that the condition isn’t worsening.

For example, someone who is known to have a “fatty liver” or cirrhosis could potentially have labs drawn every six months and might why are enzymes needed in very small quantities have a CT scan or ultrasound performed at the same time. The heart can also release AST, so it is important to look at the entire set of liver tests, rather than just this one test. AST levels can be dramatically affected by shock, low blood pressure or any other condition that deprives the liver of blood and oxygen. This test is used to detect liver injuries and long-term liver disease. Highly elevated levels may indicate active hepatitis from any cause, including virus, alcohol, drug or toxin.

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