What enzymes are produced in the large intestine

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Human Biology revision notes and practice questions for A-Level Biology students. Revision notes can be browsed by topic or by using the latest AQA syllabus. Enzymes catalyse a reaction at max. NB: Trypsin is also what enzymes are produced in the large intestine in the digestive system and digests food! The pancreas plays multiple roles in digestion, absorption, metabolism and storage of nutrients.

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The acinar cells of the pancreas produces enzymes for digesting food in the gut. It is then released into the ductules which empty the contents into the pancreatic duct. These chemical catalysts are inactive until it enters the lumen of the small intestine, where it is activated by the acidity of the stomach contents or other digestive enzymes. Various enzymes act on different types of food. The pancreatic enzymes chemically break down the food into simpler substances which can be digested further by other enzymes or absorbed through the lining of the gut. The actions and regulation of these catalysts are discussed further below.

It also influences the storage of excess nutrients. Insulin increases the uptake of glucose by the cells thereby reducing the blood glucose levels and promoting storage of excess glucose. Glucagon mobilizes glucose from the glucose stores and increases the blood glucose levels. Both these hormones can influence nutrient digestion and absorption to some extent. D cells in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Somastatin therefore also influences metabolism. These hormones also play a role in controlling the secretion of digestive enzymes.

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However, it is the enzymes itself that function in the small intestine to break down foods into simpler nutrients so that it can be easily absorbed into the blood stream. Along with water, bicarbonates ions and mucus, the total exocrine secretion from the pancreas is approximately 1 liter per day. These digestive enzymes from the pancreas are secreted by the acini within the gland and this empties into the pancreatic duct. From here, enzymes and isoenzymes in clinical diagnosis ppt joins the common bile duct and empties into the duodenum of the small intestine. Apart from the enzymes for digestion, the pancreas also secretes bicarbonate ions and water.