What enzymes are in biological washing powder

By | 13.12.2017

Biological Washing Powder from Ecover. Great value and superb performance. Better for the environment, buy all Ecover products here today. Please check the number you want to order. For effective washing what enzymes are in biological washing powder on all your family’s white and colourfast laundry.

Tough on dirt whilst respecting your skin, Ecover Washing Powder give superb results with a naturally gentle fragrance. Suitable for septic tanks, not tested on animals, fully biodegradable. Ecover Bio Powder packs a powerful punch when it comes to tough dirt and tackles stains effectively. This hard-working washing powder offers fantastic cleaning results thanks to the powerful pioneering ingredients developed and used by Ecover. As Ecover only uses plant-based and mineral ingredients, it is gentle on your clothes too. Ecover Bio washing powder offers brilliant results on whites and colourfast laundry. Contains an integrated laundry bleach. Fresh perfume from plant based ingredients.

Made from plant-based and mineral ingredients. Minimum impact on aquatic life. Get 3 for 2 on Ecover Laundry products. To qualify please add 3 items to your basket and you will receive the cheapest item free. For every 3 eligible products you add to your basket you will get one free item.

Free items will be the cheapest items in your basket. You must add the items to the basket to qualify. Products will not automatically be added for you. The product always delivers clean, bright clothes whilst protecting the environment. Grease and dirt are removed easily with the bio powder. I have tried many brands of non-bio powder and was never happy with the quality of the wash, so return to Ecover bio every time. We use this for soaking and pre-wash.

Works well on difficult stains. Seems to go a long way and as a liquid there’s no problem with powder dissolving at low temperatures. No overpowering fragrance and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Really useful when using the washing machine on a time-delay function, particularly for towels and sheets so they are freshly laundered and ready to peg out first thing in the morning. There are only 2 in our family and our clothes get only moderately soiled. I’m very pleased with the work that it does and would be happy to recommend it to anyone. As good as any other Bio powder out there but for our family it is the fragrance and the fact that it’s OK for the septic tank.

Please could you think about larger packs? I think the packaging could be improved upon. The washing powder opening is easy to get wrong and deteiorates easily. I use it for emergency spills and then try and get the perfume off the clothes, which is a battle and a half and requires several more washes. Please Ecover, make a Bio Clothes Wash either without perfume or with very little! Bio removes stains better than non-bio in my experience but now can’t seem to find this product in the shops.