What enzymes are found in the mitochondria

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The nucleic acids are the building blocks of living organisms. You may have heard of DNA described the same way. Some other types are RNA, mRNA, and tRNA. All of these “NAs” work together to help cells replicate and build proteins.

Might that stand for nucleic acid? The mRNA and tRNA are messenger RNA and transfer RNA, respectively. You may even hear about rRNA which stands for ribosomal RNA. They are called nucleic acids because scientists first found them in the nucleus of cells. Now that we have better equipment, nucleic acids have been found in mitochondria, chloroplasts, and cells that have no nucleus, such as bacteria and viruses. They are actually made up of chains of base pairs of nucleic acids stretching from as few as three to millions. The double helix shape is like a twisty ladder. The base pairs are the rungs. We’re very close to talking about the biology of cells here.