What enzyme is used in washing powder

By | 20.01.2018

Use your mouse to move the cursor over the text and graphics in the section below. What enzyme is used in washing powder at a variety of levels. You currently do not have javascript enabled in your browser. This will limit some of the interactive potential of these pages. In fact this work should add to your knowledge about the process of digestion which occurs in your body.

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The “quizlet fungi release digestive enzymes into their amylase” mentioned below has already been boiled before the class and cooled for your use. Materials provided for class use i. DO NOT CONTAMINATE PIPETTES ! Waterbaths: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! HOT WATER AND STEAM CAN SCALD!

Points marked with an asterisk are referred to in questions on on these sheets. This can be done quite efficiently if you plan your actions beforehand. Make sure you do not contaminate the pipettes. You will be told when to continue with these. Meanwhile carry enzymes made in the pancreas of a healthy person the experiment below. Label the tubes: “S” – starch, “M” – maltose, “G” – glucose.

5 ml of water to each, and shake. 3 recesses in the white tile. S”, then transfer a drop of liquid to one of the iodine drops, and mix round. Check the appearance of these tubes at half-minute intervals. Note the intermediate and record final colour and appearance. If you like, repeat these tests on the starch and amylase you have been using.