What does it mean when enzymes act as biological catalysts

By | 23.10.2017

Which reactions can lipases be used in? Which reactions can proteases be used in? What types of buffers can be used for enzymatic reactions? Phosphate buffers are recommended for lipase and protease-based enzymatic reactions. Based on the pH required for the reaction, a specific phosphate buffer what does it mean when enzymes act as biological catalysts be prepared or used.

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What do you mean by immobilized enzymes? What are the different immobilized enzyme products offered by Novozymes? Immobilized enzymes are enzymes which are immobilized on a solid support, typically a polymeric resin. Immobilization can be through either adsorption of the enzyme on the solid support or by covalent linkage of the enzyme to the polymer support. Novozymes natural source of digestive enzymes for dogs offers adsorption-based immobilized enzymes. Where are Novozymes enzymes for biocatalysis manufactured?