What does it mean to purify an enzyme

By | 25.12.2017

I have been using Garbage Enzyme for several months now. Mix Garbage Enzyme with my shampoo so that the toxic chemicals are neutralized by the Garbage Enzyme. What does it mean to purify an enzyme out foul odors from toilet – only bleach comes close and as fast as Garbage Enzyme. Garbage Enzyme can be used as an alternative to bleach and other cleaning compounds. Use Garbage Enzyme to Clean the Environment.

Garbage enzyme can be used diluted with water at a specific dilution ratio. Spray on idle land for 3 months continuously to improve soil quality. Repels mosquito, cockroach and rats. Makes very good fertilizer and help the plants to grow. Ozone, and live in a pollution free environment, food will free from toxin. Turning our garbage to gold is very easy, good for us ALL! Help pass the word around. 100 grams sugar : 300 grams waste : 1,000 grams or 1 liter water will require a container that can contain 1. Pour organic kitchen waste into container.

Wait 3 months and enjoy the benefits of a cheap and environmentally friendly multipurpose product. I made a batch of GE and would like to find out what its shelf life is? Will storing it for long periods of time deminish its effectivity? I am really impressed by this article and I started preparing GE. Thanks a lot for your response. So, for one acre of land, 200 litre means 2 liter GE in 200 liter of water?

200GE in 20000 litre of water? Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I have some question about this garbage enzymes. Why do we have lipase enzymes digest lipids into glycerol and use brown sugar for one of the step to do this enzyme fermentation?

What is another ingredients that we can use to change the brown sugar? Can we use sugar as a substitute of brown sugar? What are the function of this enzyme? How can we know that our enzyme is success? Why do we have to use food waste for this enzyme? That’s all of my question. I’m was thinking to work with the wet market to get some fruit peels to prepare the enzyme. How do I prepare the enzyme to suit the said purposes? Is there any different amount of mixture to prepare them?

Which source of water is the best to prepare the enzyme? Only ONE type of enzyme is produced. Maybe there is certain types of fruits suitable for fertilizer and some is more suitable enzymes used in the production of baby food odor control. I used the enzyme for all from deodorizing the toilet of foul cigarette-related smells to  promoting plant growth by spraying. Yes, there is a factor in using different fruits as the fruit fragrance will come out with the enzyme. Use filtered water – no chlorine if possible, better absorption.

The most important is to use raw sugar or from unprocessed sugar, however even processed white sugar can be used, if you have difficulty in getting the raw stuff. That black sugar you mentioned is sometimes called Enzyme electrode for amperometric determination of glucose sugar. I mention this because I see many people mentioning they used ‘brown sugar’. It’s not the same stuff, folks. Malaysia as I used to live there, but I’m sure many other tropical countries produce it as well.