What does it mean that enzymes are reusable

By | 14.01.2018

Gastric Bypass Gastric Bypass What is it? Who uses what does it mean that enzymes are reusable Flat-D ? Gastrointestinal surgery such as gastric bypass is often the best option for someone that is severely obese and is unable to lose weight with traditional diet options. Gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries work by restricting the food intake. Gastrointestinal surgery for obesity, also called bariatric surgery, alters the digestive process.

Gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine. In a gastric bypass, the part of the intestine where many minerals and vitamins are most easily absorbed is bypassed. They restrict both food intake and the amount of calories and nutrients the body absorbs. Most people who have open gastric bypass surgery quickly begin to lose weight and continue to lose weight for up to 12 months. Patients are typically notified up front of the possible side effects and severe risks of the surgery, such as fatality.

One of the biggest side effects of gastric surgery results from the reduction of calorie and nutrient absorption. Because gastric bypass operations cause food to bypass the stomach and parts of the small intestine, where most of the iron and calcium from food is absorbed, women run the risk of anemia, developing osteoporosis, and other nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional supplements can counteract these deficiencies, but they must be taken life-long. The more extensive the operation, the greater the risk is for complications and nutrient deficiencies. The staples may pull loose. The bypassed stomach may enlarge, resulting in hiccups and bloating.

The risk of developing gallstones can be countered though by taking supplemental bile salts for a short time after surgery. If a woman for any reason believes she might be pregnant, she should avoid such severe weight loss, or wait to become pregnant until her weight has stabilized. This is clearly a difficult decision, and one that should only be made after receiving all available information on the potential risks and benefits. There are many online resources available on gastric bypass surgery and obesity. It is understandable why these patients have highly malodorous flatus. The surgery causes them to have a malabsorptive syndrome. Their systems don’t absorb what enzymes does the small intestine have food and nutrients as well anymore and when the undigested food gets down to the colon, the enzymes and bacteria go crazy digesting the food.

Most post surgery patients are desperate for a solution to this side effect, which actually causes embarrassment and most of these individuals have been dealing with embarrassment for most of their lives. The majority of these patients will try over- the -counter medications, only to be disappointed to find out they’re ineffective and very costly. It is an activated charcoal cloth pad that is placed in the underwear next to the buttocks. When intestinal gas passes thru the pad, it deodorizes and neutralizes it. Flat-D Innovations has been contacted by many gastric bypass patients and has worked with them to develop function of restriction enzyme digestion in dna fingerprinting different products to meet their special needs.

New Testimonial – ” Thin and Happy- no problems! I thought I’d go back into hiding after my bypass surgery. I was so isolated when I was obese – then, this horrible gas problem afterward! Even my daughter wouldn’t go shopping or eat out with me! And meeting my son-in-law-to- be or his family? I fasted for a week! I don’t know what it is about flat-d. When I put it on, I have LESS gas! I think it’s because I’m not as nervous.

I would never be without flat-d! Now I’m thin and HAPPY! And I had a marathon shopping day with my daughter – no problems! You have changed my life! Just one weekend of using your product and I am no longer a social pariah! There’s no point in trying to be delicate about a problem like this I had gastric bypass surgery about 9 months ago and have beyond awful gas. My coworkers have been pretty nice about it for the most part, but I know it was hard to work in a small office with someone like me. I never went anywhere without a bottle of air freshener. My family complained all the time and I know I was an embarrassment to them.