Use of lactase enzyme in dairy industry

By | 16.01.2018

Examples of dairy products include milk, butter, ice cream and cheese. Provincial regulations may also apply to products sold within that province. The labelling requirements detailed in the following sections are specific to dairy products. They are in addition to the core labelling and voluntary claims and statements requirements that apply to all prepackaged foods. The requirements of these sections include, for example, the declaration of “Product of” with the country of origin for imported use of lactase enzyme in dairy industry products and the declaration of a batch or lot code .

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Milk, unless otherwise designated, refers to cow’s milk . Dairy products made with milk from an animal other than a cow must clearly indicate the source of the milk in the common name or elsewhere on the principal display panel . As with all foods with a standard of identity, only those foods that meet all the provisions set out in the standard can use the prescribed common name. For dairy products that do not fall under a standard, the appropriate common name is the name by which the food is generally known. A dairy what enzymes are found in milk that deviates from a prescribed standard may not use the common name associated with that standard unless the standardized common name is modified to indicate how the food differs in every respect, from the food described by the standard. The standard for sour cream does not allow for added herbs, seasonings or spices.

The food enzyme lactase is added to some dairy products to eliminate the presence of lactose. Some dairy product standards allow for the addition of lactase as a food additive, whereas others do not. The addition of lactase to these products will cause the food to deviate from the standard. If this is done, the common name must reflect the deviation. For example, the standard for milk does not allow for the addition of lactase. Therefore, if lactase is added to milk, the common name must be modified to indicate how the milk does not meet the “milk” standard, such as “lactose-free milk”.

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The addition of lactase to these products is within the provisions of the standard. Therefore, in this case, the common characteristics of an active site of an enzyme can either be the standardized common name, or additional information can be added to reflect the addition. For example, the standard for ice cream mixes allows for the addition of lactase to the milk used in ice cream mixes. Therefore, if lactase is added to the milk used for an ice cream mix, the final product can either be called “ice cream” or “lactose-free ice cream”. The table below provides a list of these terms, and when and where the terms are required. Cheddar cheese that meets the requirements as set out in Section 6. Skim milk powder packed in bulk having a whey protein nitrogen content as per Section 20.

Ingredients must be declared by an appropriate common name in the list of ingredients. MicroGARD is an ingredient produced from the fermentation of either dextrose or skim milk with a standard dairy culture. When MicroGARD what type of enzyme is malate synthase added as an ingredient to a food, the common names “cultured skim milk”, “fermented skim milk”, “cultured dextrose” or “fermented dextrose”, as applicable, must be declared in the list of ingredients of the final food along with the ingredient’s components. Cultured skim milk should not be included in the class name “modified milk ingredients” provided for by section B. Additionally, cultured dextrose and cultured skim milk are not considered food additives.