Type 2 restriction endonucleases in recombinant dna technology

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There are two primary classifications based on the locus type 2 restriction endonucleases in recombinant dna technology activity. DNA at a wide variety of locations along the length of the molecule. An important development came when H. DNA molecules at a particular point within a specific sequence of six base pairs. The esterases to which nucleases belong are classified with the EC-numbers 3.

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Nucleases can be classified into folding families. A nuclease must associate with a nucleic acid before it can cleave the molecule. That entails a degree of recognition. Nucleases variously employ both nonspecific and specific associations in their modes of recognition and binding.

Both modes play important roles in living organisms, especially in DNA repair. PvuII, this nonspecific binding involves electrostatic interactions between minimal surface area of the protein and the DNA. A site-specific nuclease forms far stronger associations by contrast. It engages in extensive electrostatic interaction with the DNA. Some nucleases involved in DNA repair exhibit partial sequence-specificity. These restriction enzymes generally have names that reflect their origin—The first letter of the name comes from the genus and the second two letters come from the species of the prokaryotic cell from which they were isolated.

A restriction endonucleases functions by “scanning” the length of a DNA molecule. Once it encounters its particular specific recognition sequence, it will bind to the DNA molecule and makes one cut in each of the two sugar-phosphate backbones. The positions of these two cuts, both in relation to each other, and to the recognition sequence itself, are determined by the identity of the restriction endonuclease. Different endonucleases yield different sets of cuts, but one endonuclease will always cut a particular base sequence the same way, no matter what DNA molecule it is acting on.

Once the cuts have been made, the DNA molecule will break into fragments. Many endonucleases cleave the DNA backbones in positions that are not directly opposite each other, creating overhangs. When the enzyme encounters this sequence, it cleaves each backbone between the G and the closest A base residues. Once the cuts have been made, the resulting fragments are held together only by the relatively weak hydrogen bonds that hold the complementary bases to each other.

The weakness of these bonds allows the DNA fragments to separate from each other. Each resulting fragment has a protruding 5′ end composed of unpaired bases. Other enzymes create cuts in the DNA backbone which result in protruding 3′ ends. The cellular origin, or even the species origin, of the sticky ends does not affect their stickiness. Any pair of complementary sequences will tend to bond, even if one of the sequences comes from a length of human DNA, and the other comes from a length of bacterial DNA. With all cells depending on DNA as the medium of genetic information, genetic quality control is an essential function of all organisms. DNA molecules themselves are vulnerable to modification by many metabolic and environmental stressors. Many nucleases participate in DNA repair by recognizing damage sites and cleaving them from the surrounding DNA.