Sandwich type enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

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Antigens from the sample are attached to a surface. Then, a further specific antibody is applied over the surface so it can bind to the antigen. The subsequent reaction produces a detectable signal, most commonly a color change in the substrate. Performing an ELISA involves at least sandwich type enzyme linked immunosorbent assay antibody with specificity for a particular antigen. After the antigen is immobilized, the detection antibody is added, forming a complex with the antigen.

The technique essentially requires any ligating reagent that can be immobilized on the solid phase along with a detection reagent that will bind specifically and use an enzyme to generate a signal that can be properly quantified. ELISA plates have the reaction products immunosorbed on the solid phase which is part of the plate, and so are not easily reusable. As a heterogenous assay, ELISA separates some component of the analytical reaction mixture by adsorbing certain components onto a solid phase which is physically immobilized. The sensitivity of detection depends on amplification of the signal during the analytic reactions. The ligand-specific binding reagent is “immobilized”, i.

Alternatively, if the analyte itself is an antibody, its target antigen can be used as the binding reagent. In radioimmunoassay, the radioactivity provides the signal, which indicates whether a specific antigen or antibody is present in the sample. Because radioactivity poses a potential health threat, a safer alternative was sought. A suitable alternative to radioimmunoassay would substitute a nonradioactive signal in place of the radioactive signal.

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However, the signal has to be associated with the presence of antibody or antigen, which is why the enzyme has to be linked to an appropriate antibody. This linking process was what are the disadvantages of using enzymes in industry developed by Stratis Avrameas and G. In technical terms, newer assays of this type are not strictly ELISAs, as they are not “enzyme-linked”, but are instead linked to some nonenzymatic reporter. However, given that the general principles in these assays are largely similar, they are often grouped in the same category as ELISAs. A blue color appears for positive results and red color for negative. Note that this detection only can confirm the presence or the absence of analyte not the actual concentration.