Hormones and enzymes are similar in that both

By | 15.01.2018

A brief look at hormones, their properties, functions and presence in raw milk. Many people are concerned about the presence of hormones in milk and other foods, and rightfully so. When making food choices for yourself and your family, it’s important to be aware that many products contain a natural complement of hormones, and always have. Processed foods, especially pasteurized milk from cows dosed with artificial hormones like rBGH, have altered ingredient levels which may be responsible for unwanted health effects. Rest assured, with regard to hormones, clean raw milk from organic grass-fed hormones and enzymes are similar in that both contains only the precisely balanced trace amounts that nature puts there.

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In simple terms, all hormones are basically chemical messengers with various life-spans, which get released from one tissue or another, are transported via the bloodstream or intracellular fluid, and end up at target cells in the same region or different tissues entirely. In our bodies, the various glands of the endocrine, and other systems, secrete hormones that carry messages to speed up, slow down, turn on and off, increase, decrease, raise, lower and alter in countless other ways, the complex array of organs and systems that make up who we are. Hormones, and compounds that behave like them in our bodies, are all around us. All animal products and a good many plants contain ‘bioactive’ substances- compounds that can affect our bodies either positively or negatively by locking into receptors normally reserved for our body’s own hormones. Some of these powerful substances come at us from unexpected directions- for instance, a substance in ever-present and annoying diesel fumes has been shown to have hormonal activity in humans. It’s fairly common for members from each group to have several properties in common with one another, which shows that their receptors are not as finicky as they could be. Very long strands of peptides with complex bends and folds, more familiar to us as proteins, also exhibit hormonal activity.

Still other enzymes then customize the pregnenolone into the particular steroid hormone needed at that moment. Amino acids, remember, are the individual ‘beads’ enzyme tablets to help digest food make up peptides and proteins. People with asthma and arthritis are all too familiar with these powerful substances. Many hormones, especially the eicosanoids, are short-lived, staying active for only a few seconds. Others, in the protective folds of large protein molecules, last for hours. The steroids typically exhibit effects until either deactivation by metabolic changes in their molecules or by excretion in the waste, which can be a few days. This very transitory nature of hormones makes testing for content levels in milk tricky at best.

The bulk of the studies I came across showed quite a bit of variation both in amount and just which hormones were present in the samples tested. The composition of milk very definitely reflects the diet from which it is produced. High-percentage grain diets and production-enhancing hormone injections increase the volume of milk produced, but dilute overall levels of nutrients and can skew growth factor content upward. Since none of the studies mentioned the diet composition of the cows whose milk they examined, the variation in results came as no surprise. Delving into the world of hormones can be a lot like wading what are enzymes on food labels alphabet soup.

Take a deep breath and jump in anyway! Hopefully, as you read, you’ll discover, as I did, what an amazingly complex tapestry the bioactive components of raw milk actually weave. While I can’t verify the presence, concentration or activity of each substance on the following list, it’s indisputable that nature’s genetically controlled concentrations of promoters and inhibitors in organic raw milk, left to their own devices, assure that key nutrients are carried to where they’re needed, unwanted excesses are suppressed and that growth and maintenance are the order of the day. ACTH has a very short half-life of 10 minutes. A protein hormone secreted by the cow’s pituitary that regulates growth and development of the animal. BGH can also induce lactation. BGH also stimulates secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1. Due to differences in molecular shape, BGH is believed not active in humans.

It also enhances mineralization of skeletal bone and helps reduce bone calcium loss during pregnancy and lactation. Its actions are offset by PTH, which increases blood calcium levels. A peptide hormone with forms containing either 8, 33 or 58 amino acids that stimulates digestion of fats and proteins by triggering the pancreas to secrete the digestive enzymes lipase, amylase, trypsin and chymotrypsin, and by stimulating contraction of the gall bladder to release fat-emulsifying bile into the small intestine. It works with bombesin, and calcitonin to mediate feelings of satisfaction after eating. Studies have shown that significant amounts of EPO resist digestion and survive to reach receptors in the intestinal tract. One raw milk-drinking athlete was wrongly accused of blood-doping, so there’s at least anecdotal evidence of EPO’s activity in our systems! The trace amounts present in bovine milk are considered too low to exhibit any physiological activity. A 210 amino acid glycoprotein hormone which promotes the maturation of immature ovarian follicles.

In men, FSH facilitates production of proteins crucial to uses for enzymes in the home or industry of sperm cells. The half-life of FSH is 3-4 hours, so unless you’re drinking straight from the cow, chances are there’ll be little, if any, active hormone left by the time your raw milk makes it to the refrigerator. A peptide hormone with forms containing 14, 17 or 34 amino acids. It also stimulates production of pancreatic enzymes. GHRH also helps promote slow wave or Stage 3 and 4 sleep. It’s action is opposed by somatostatin, also present in raw milk. Well-known polypeptide hormone that, among a multitude of other functions, chiefly regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Bovine insulin differs from the human form by only three amino acids and appears to share a similar level of activity. It regulates growth and development in just about every cell in the body. Abnormally low levels are considered diagnostic for growth hormone deficiency. IGF-1has a half-life of about 10 minutes. A 23 amino acid glycoprotein that triggers production of steroid sex hormones in both males and females. In men, certain cells in the testes react to LH by producing testosterone which, by the way, is high liver enzymes in maltese dogs precursor for the female sex hormones. In women, LH induces cells in the ovaries to form estrogens, such as estradiol, estriol and estrone.