Explain the function of digestive enzymes amylase protease and lipase

By | 23.10.2017

Explain the function of digestive enzymes amylase protease and lipase intolerance occurs when the body does not produce sufficient digestive enzymes to break down food. Symptoms often lead to cramps, bloating, wind, flatulence and diahrroea. Buy supplementary digestive enzymes from here. Our prices are already reduced but visit any of the products pages for a discount code to save more. International shipping is only at cost price.

As a result of its consumption by the bacteria we suffer the classic symptoms of bloating, tummy cramps, gas, wind and in many cases diarrhoea. The most common form of food intolerance is lactose intolerance which affects more than half the world population. Food intolerance is completely different from food allergy and the two should not be mixed. Food intolerance is not life threatening either.

It hinders overweight people from loosing weight. Asians from the Far East. Lacking the enzyme that breaks down alcohol can make people ill. This is a very important topic and has a dedicated page. Coeliacs are not the only persons affected, simply drinking beer can cause bloating. If symptoms return, an intolerance is likely. Supplements of digestive enzymes make life easier.

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The right enzyme will help break down food consumed that before it caused the symptoms. These enzymes are now available from foodreactions. Below is a list of digestive enzymes to help you understand which enzyme is required to break which food. An enzyme is a protein that what does it mean when enzyme levels are high itself to a substance and converts it into another substance or smaller substances.