Evaluate the use of enzymes in the food industry

By | 25.01.2018

Make sure you are using a client that supports TLSv1. Thank you for visiting www. Class practical Enzymes are essential catalysts for the chemical processes of life. We exploit the properties of enzymes in research and industry, using them to catalyse chemical reactions evaluate the use of enzymes in the food industry to synthesize products. Enzymes are essential catalysts for the chemical processes of life.

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A collection of experiments that demonstrate biological concepts and processes. Display a printer-friendly version of this page. Immobilising enzymes or microscopic organisms involves trapping them in a matrix of an inert material or binding them to coenzyme q10 dosage for gum disease surface. This makes it easier to remove the active catalysts from the reaction mixture, and so makes it easier to purify the products. This procedure describes how to make alginate beads containing yeast. These are used to catalyse the fermentation of glucose to ethanol. The method can be applied to other catalysts in other reactions, or to more sophisticated investigations of enzyme action.

Students will probably find making alginate beads quite entertaining, at least the first time. Allow each group to make some beads. Set up a flask containing free yeast as a demonstration. Each group could either set up the beads in a conical flask with glucose solution, or pack a column with beads and try to set glucose flowing through suitably slowly. Avoid skin contact with enzymes in solution and with calcium chloride solution. Warm gently if it does not dissolve readily, or start again with warm water. Stir with a spatula every half hour or so.

Leave overnight and stir again in the morning. There are variations in alginate from different suppliers and in different batches. It is worth carrying out a trial run, and adjusting the concentration of alginate if necessary. If the alginate gel is too dense, the substrate cannot enter the bead.

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The CLEAPSS Hazcard describes calcium chloride as an IRRITANT, so wear eye protection when making up solution. The calcium ions need to be in excess for this to work well. They form cross-links of calcium alginate in the gel, trapping the enzyme or yeast within the matrix. Enzymes: the CLEAPSS Hazcard suggests that many enzymes are harmful as powders. If your Pasteur pipette tip produces beads that are too big, use instead a drawn-out glass capillary tube, attached explain how enzymes function in chemical reactions the syringe with about 2 cm of flexible rubber or plastic tubing.

SAFETY: Take care handling the calcium chloride. Do not consume any of the products of a reaction carried out in a laboratory where chemical or biological contamination could occur, or using non-food-grade reagents, or apparatus that has been used for other chemicals or biological materials. Make up the alginate solution and the calcium chloride solution. As close to how structure of enzymes affects function time of use as possible, make up the yeast suspension or enzyme solution with distilled water.