Difference between enzymes and active site

By | 29.12.2017

Coenzyme vs Cofactor Enzymes are essential biological macromolecules. Enzymes are essential biological macromolecules. Enzymes are the biological catalysts, which increases the rate of biological reactions under very mild conditions. Enzymes are proteins, so when they are subjected to high level of heat, salt concentrations, mechanical forces, organic difference between enzymes and active site and concentrated acid or base solutions, they tend to denaturize. Normally enzymes need very specific conditions to function.

For example, they function at optimal temperatures, pH conditions, etc. Other than these, enzymes need the support of another molecule or an ion to have the specific function. Most of the enzymes need cofactors to exert their activity, whereas some enzymes may not need them. An enzyme without the cofactor is called an apoenzyme. When an apoenzyme is together with its cofactor, it is known as a holoenzyme.

Some enzymes may associate with one cofactor while the protein part of holoenzyme is called may associate with several cofactors. Without the cofactors, the enzyme activity will be lost. Cofactors can be broadly divided into two as organic cofactors and inorganic co factors. Inorganic cofactors mainly include metal ions. These metal ions are often needed in trace amounts. Magnesium is essential for hexokinase, DNA polymerase and Glucose-6-phosphate enzymes.

Zinc is an essential metal ion for alcohol dehydrogenase, carbonic anhydrase and DNA polymerase function. Other than magnesium and zinc, there are other metal ions like cupric, ferrous, ferric, manganese, nickel etc, which are associated with different types of enzymes. Metal ions in enzymes can participate in the catalytic process in three major ways. Organic cofactors are mainly vitamins and other non-vitamin organic molecules like ATP, glutathione, heme, CTP, coenzyme B, etc. Organic cofactors can be further divided into two as coenzyme and prosthetic group. Prosthetic groups have been bound tightly with the enzyme and participate in the enzyme catalysis reaction.

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During the reaction, the enzyme- prosthetic group complex may undergo structural changes, but they are coming to the original state when the reaction is over. Coenzymes are mainly organic molecules, and many are derived from vitamins. Further, coenzyme A is made from pantothenic acid, and they participate in reactions as acetyl group carriers. What if your enzymes are low is the difference between Coenzyme and Cofactor? Coenzymes are a type of cofactors.

Coenzymes elevated liver enzymes in pregnancy icd 10 organic molecules, whereas there can be inorganic cofactors also. Coenzymes are bound loosely with the enzyme, and there are some other cofactors, which are bound tightly to the enzyme. Help us to improve our writing. Difference Between Coenzyme and Cofactor. Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Checker – Do not copy content from this page.