Define catabolic and anabolic enzymes quizlet

By | 18.10.2017

Начните изучать Chapter 25: Metabolism and Nutrition. Учите лексику, термины и многое другое с помощью карточек, игр и других учебных средств. 334 0 0 0 2. Загрузите новую версию, чтобы улучшить работу сайта. In a pancreatic cell that define catabolic and anabolic enzymes quizlet digestive enzymes, does anabolism or catabolism predominate?

Which process is also called anaerobic cellular respiration? Glycolysis is also called anaerobic cellular respiration. For each glucose molecule that undergoes glycolysis, how many ATP molecules are generated? The reactions of glycolysis consume two molecules of ATP but generate four molecules of ATP, for a net gain of two. Why is the enzyme that catalyzes step three of glycolysis called a kinase? In which part of the cell does glycolysis occur? Glycolysis occurs in the cytosol. When in cellular respiration is carbon dioxide given off?

Carbon dioxide is given off during the production of acetyl coenzyme A and during the Krebs cycle. What happens to carbon dioxide given off during cellular respiration? It diffuses into the blood, is transported by the blood to the lungs, and is exhaled. Why is the production of reduced coenzymes important in the Krebs cycle? The production of reduced coenzymes is important in the Krebs cycle because they will subsequently yield ATP in the electron transport chain. What is the energy source that powers the proton pumps? The energy source that powers the proton pumps is electrons provided by NADH and hydrogen ions. Where is the concentration of hydrogen ions highest?