Cost effectiveness of enzyme replacement therapy for fabry disease

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Planning a conference or class? ERT is not a cure for these disorders, but it can greatly modify or attenuate the phenotype. Treatment for LSDs is lifelong and the diseases affect multiple organ systems. It is possible that nurses in almost every specialty will encounter a patient with one of these conditions. Therefore knowledge of the conditions, the benefits and limitations of ERT, and its effective management are becoming more important for all nurses. This article will describe several LSDs, namely Gaucher disease, Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and the mucopolysaccharidoses.

Each disease pathology, signs and symptoms, and effectiveness of ERT treatment will be discussed, as well as the administration of ERT, common side effects, management of the side effects, and nursing implications. Additionally drug costs and insurance concerns will be highlighted. Gaucher disease, Fabry disease, Pompe disease, mucopolysaccharidosis I, Hurler syndrome, Hurler-Scheie syndrome, Scheie syndrome, mucopolysaccharidosis II, Hunter syndrome, mucopolysaccharidosis Enzyme responsible for starch digestion in small intestine, Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome. Additionally drug costs and insurance concerns will be addressed.

The disease manifestations result from progressive accumulation of the specific macromolecules that cause the cells containing the lysosomes to become engorged. Each unique disorder is caused by deficiency or dysfunction of a different enzyme. Most LSDs are inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern. Since the carrier rate for each LSD is usually on the order of 1 in 100 people in the general population, and there must be two carriers of the same condition to have an affected child, one would not expect a family history of the condition to be present. X-digestive enzymes to break down protein pattern, and a family history is often present. A female child who inherits the mutated gene will be heterozygous just like the mother, and a male child inheriting the mutated gene will be affected.

If affected men can have children, then all of their female children will be heterozygous, and none of their male children will be affected. Lysosomal enzymes are normally synthesized via the rough endoplasmic reticulum in each cell. This residue identifies it as a lysosomal enzyme and allows it to be targeted to the lysosome of the cell. Lysosomes contain a Man-6-P receptor allowing for the efficient transfer of lysosomal enzymes across the lysosomal membrane. It is important to note that in Gaucher disease a Man-6-P residue is not naturally present on the enzyme, glucocerebrosidase. The first large-scale attempt at ERT occurred in patients with the most common LSD, Gaucher disease, in the 1980’s, using modified human enzyme purified from human placentas. 1 Gaucher disease in 1991.

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28 year old male who had been having significantly more fatigue over the last 3 months. He required 9-10 hours of sleep per night and never felt refreshed upon waking in the morning. When he got home from work he usually took a 30 minute nap and could have probably slept longer if are enzymes produced in the duodenum family would have let him. He had also been having more pain, unlike any pain he had ever had before. It was primarily in his upper legs and upper arms and did not seem to be related to activity or changes in the weather.

The pain had been severe enough on several occasions for him to call in sick to work. He looked awful because he was pale, had incredibly skinny arms and the enzyme and yeast diet food, and an enormous abdomen despite the many sit ups he did each night. He couldn’t find clothes to fit properly no matter where he shopped. His poor self image, increasing trouble with fatigue, difficulty staying awake at work, chronic pain, and overall feeling of malaise was causing him to feel quite depressed.