Are liver enzymes elevated with leukemia

By | 22.01.2018

Elevated Liver Enzymes, Night Sweats, VERY VERY TIRED – I cannot get a diagnosis. I cannot get a diagnosis. Discussions By Condition: I cannot get a diagnosis. I have had elevated liver enzymes for are liver enzymes elevated with leukemia 2 yrs now, and now over the past few months I have really bad night sweats where I wake up soaked! I had a hysterectory at a very young age of 29, and was on hormone replacements for a very long time.

Had appendicitis a little after but nothing since, been pretty much healthy and seeing my primary dr. My problem is I have never really felt can metronidazole cause elevated liver enzymes in dogs bad as I do now. I once had so much energy, up to maybe 2 yrs ago and my health just seems to be going downhill. I am 51 yrs old and feel 80! I weigh 143 pounds compared to the 109 I once weighed a year or two ago. I am a very upbeat person and not at all depressed, just wish one doctor, just one doctor could diagnose my problem. I have had blood tests, which constantly show the elevated liver enzymes, but with no other problems, my dr felt this wasn’t too uncommon.

I sometimes will find myself at a store and all of a sudden I will feel a flush come over me and my heart starts feeling like its going to jump out of my skin, and I am told this is PCVs. Can someone pls tell me what is going on? I had elevated liver enzymes too. Very tired and night shakes and panics as well. I am not a doctor but your symptoms sound quite similar to those of menopause with respect to the hot flashes. Of when your thyroid levels are high what does that mean the extreme tiredness and elevated liver enzymesthis is actually one of the symptoms of infectious mononucleosis, however mono lasts only about 3 weeks and the white blood cell count is elevated to around 2X the normal level, usually along with severe tonsilitis and fever. EBV just to see if you have been infected.