Advantages and disadvantages of using enzymes in home and industry

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The advantages and disadvantages of bacteria – GCSE Science – Marked by Teachers. See our example GCSE Essay on The advantages and disadvantages of bacteria now. The advantages and disadvantages of bacteria The advantages of bacteria for genetic Engineering are firstly economic- they contain a valuable source of enyzmes Bacteria produce more advantages and disadvantages of using enzymes in home and industry molecules in relation to their mass than most other organisms. The product yield can be increased by means of strain selection, mutation and optimisation of growth conditions. They are easy to manipulate genetically and can be subjected to gene transfer techniques.

Environmentally the bacteria used in genetic engineering chosen do not produce toxins or offensive odours and are non-pathogenic. By inhibiting Streptococcus mutans that convertsugar to lactic acid and slowly etch away the enamel on teeth. The technicalogical applications of bacteria are advantageous. The enzymes contained in different bacteria can be used in the dairy industry- extracellular lipase is used to ripen blue chesses from mould e. The production of cheese by separating milk into curd and whey may be achieved by the addition to the milk of the enzyme rennet or by the addition of a bacterial culture. Also In the ripening process, micro-organisms, most commonly lactic-acid-producing bacteria, act on the cheese to produce the desired body and flavour. Many people especially on the grounds of religion think it is immoral to “play God” by the use of modified bacteria. The enzymes in the bacteria are highly sensitive to changes in the physical and chemical environment surrounding them- environmental disadvantage.

They may be denatured by even a small temperature rise and change in pH. This means that the conditions in which they work must be stringently controlled. In particular the enzyme-substrate mixture must not be contaminated with other substances that might affect the reaction so the equipment used must be scrupulously clean- this is time consuming, so an economic disadvantage. In conclusion it seems that bacteria have more advantages than disadvantages and they may well lead to positive developments in the future. Found what you’re looking for? Straight after this, start the stop clock and drop one drop of the mixture into the first depression of the spotting tile. Classed as an opportunistic pathogen, it is commonly found on human skin, causing septic shock and pneumonia, but is not found on animal skin and cannot survive in soil. A further 617 deaths were caused by workplace passive smoking, including 54 in the hospitality industry. Perhaps the most common bacterial disease is tooth decay.

Dental plaque, the sticky film on our teeth, consists primarily of masses of bacteria. These bacteria ferment the sugar we eat to produce acids, which over time can dissolve the enamel of teeth and create cavities in the teeth. Soil by mineral salt enrichment culture cultivation technique using Mineral salt medium. The table below shows the composition. Investigating the effect of four antibiotic agents on gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Resistance can also be developed within the bacterium’s chromosome.

The antibiotics being used in the investigation are Penicillin G, Streptomycin, fresh garlic and Odourless garlic. These will be used to observe how effective different antibiotics are at inhibiting the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria that have been described. Antibiotics are found throughout nature and interfere with specific activities in certain types of organisms. Draw around the area of inhibition and count how many squares the clear area covers.

Do not invert the plate and repeat the procedure for each bacterium to be tested. The inhibition zone area indicated the susceptibility or resistance of the bacteria to the toothpaste being tested. The comparison of bacterial content why are enzymes important for life a range of milks. Want the latest Marked by Teachers news? 2003 – 2015 Marked by Teachers. Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Want to read the rest?

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